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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your rental units furnished?
    Some of our units are fully furnished, some are partially furnished and some are not furnished at all. Information related to each unit can be found on the website or you can contact the office to inquire about a specific property.
  • What appliances come with the unit?
    All rental units are equipped with a full size refrigerator and electric cooking range. Some units have washer & dryers, garbage disposals, dishwashers and/or air conditioners in their units as well. Check the property page for more details.
  • Is Renters Insurance required?
    Yes, all residents must carry renters insurance and provide verification to Management.
  • Can I use Financial Aide, Student Loans and/or Grants to help pay for my rent?"
    Yes, you may. In most instances the funds will be disbursed to the resident first and then you can use those funds to pay your rent bill.
  • What if I have an emergency after normal business hours?
    We offer after-hours emergency maintenance contacts and services for pressing maintenance issues, such as loss of heat or clogged toilets.
  • Do you offer individual leases?
    Yes, all our lease agreements are individual leases.
  • Can I lock my bedroom?
    All our bedroom doors have their own individual lock with a key (fob) for entry.
  • Is there parking for my car?
    Yes, all Eagle Point residents are permitted one parking pass at NO CHARGE for a registered vehicle. This pass allows you to parking on site or at one of our shared parking lots.
  • What utilities are included?
    We offer standard and all inclusive lease options for all our properties. Check the individual property page for details on specific utility services.
  • Is there a washer & dryer?
    All units either have a washer & dryer in their respective unit or residents will have access to a tenant-only laundry room.
  • Do I need to pay an application fee?
    We charge NO sign-up fees! In addition, there are no administrative fees charged when signing a lease.
  • Can I rent my place over the summer?
    Yes! We offer lease extensions and summer rental lease options. Check with the Leasing Office for specific details.
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