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Aerial Photo of a Parking

Parking Registration

Please read the rules and regulations below before submitting the form. 

Vehicles will be towed if not in compliance and if parked on the property without a valid permit. Permit holders understand and agree to the following:
1. The acceptance of this permit relieves the Landlord of any responsibility for damages to or for loss of vehicle, its contents, or accessories from any cause whatsoever.
2. Parking is for Residents with PERMITS ONLY – NOT FOR GUESTS.
3. Parking vehicles on the grass (or in any other unauthorized area) will result in towing at vehicle owner’s expense.
4. Working on vehicles on the property is prohibited and tenant authorizes Landlord or a third party affiliate to remove all non-inspected, unlicensed, inoperable, unused, or unauthorized vehicles from the premises at the vehicle owner's expense.
5. You are receiving a parking permit for the vehicle you register. Each Financially Responsible Resident is allowed (1) registered vehicle per signed lease agreement. You may not park any other vehicle in this lot. If you change vehicles at any time, please notify us or you risk being towed.
6. Permits are nontransferable.
7. There is no designated parking spot. This is a permit to park in a designated lot – not a designated space. Eagle Point cannot guarantee the availability of an empty space 100% of the time. We cannot prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the area, however, we will attempt diligent enforcement. 
8. If there is a violation of the rules and regulations, the Landlord may end this agreement.
9. There is a $15.00 charge to replace your parking permit if lost.

Thanks for submitting!

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